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Popularly known as the Rebel Poet, Kazi Nazrul Islam is also the national poet of Bangladesh.  However, it would seem most appropriate to consider him a voice and beacon of Global Belonging.

Although his active life was short, Nazrul contributed to a wide variety of cultural and social themes.  In the realm of literature he wrote poetry, songs, drama, hamd/naat, prose and novels.  His life was an ongoing struggle. Yet he managed to join the British military, edit newspapers and magazines, and organize/participate in political/literary organizations.  He also served some jail time for invoking the wrath of India’s (then) British Raj.  The Raj banned some of his books.  Please visit the main Nazrul site in order to learn more about Nazrul.

When appreciating the spectrum of selections presented here, one should bear in mind the third goal of the Nazrul website:

To present Nazrul in his FULL-spectrum, the dimensions of his life Muslims, non-Muslims, secularists, leftists, or feminists may LOVE or HATE

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Nazrul-related Performance: Audio-Video:
Nazrul Seminar: University of Connecticut [September 2006]
VOA's Hello Washington Program on Nazrul [May 2007]

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